‘Everyone’s been so generous for Alicia... we’re overwhelmed’

SO HAPPY Alicia Pannell in her new chair with her mum Sharon.  Picture: 'Ian Hargreaves (113454-30)
SO HAPPY Alicia Pannell in her new chair with her mum Sharon. Picture: 'Ian Hargreaves (113454-30)
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ALICIA Pannell is sitting pretty thanks to the generosity of wellwishers raising money.

The eight-year-old was desperate for a new chair after she outgrew her old one.

Now, after months of fundraising she has finally seen her wish come true.

The family secured the £5,200 in funding it needed, with £2,000 coming from disabled children’s charity Newlife, and the remainder being donated by Elson Junior School, prolific fundraiser Julie Scarborough and News readers.

Alicia’s mum Sharon, 37, who has three other daughters, said it’s unbelievable how many people have donated for Alicia.

‘It’s hard to put into words,’ she said.

‘The generosity is amazing.’

‘When we were fundraising for her bath it took us two years. So many people came forward in such a short space of time.

‘We’re overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone who has paid money in, whether that’s £1 or £1,000.

‘I can’t express how I feel in words, it’s so hard to describe.

‘I want to thank people from the bottom of our hearts.

‘If I could thank everybody individually I would.

‘Without them we would still be fundraising and Alicia would still be in an uncomfortable chair.’

Alicia, of Parker Close in Gosport, suffers from water on the brain, sleep disturbance, epilepsy and she is visually impaired.

Sharon said her daughter is overjoyed with her new chair.

‘She’s over the moon with it,’ she said. ‘She thinks she’s a princess.

‘On the first day we got it, when we said it’s time for bed she didn’t want to go to bed.

‘She wanted to stay in her chair.

‘She just loves it. It’s brilliant for us as a family because I can transport it.

‘I can take it with me wherever we go.

‘It’s an amazing piece of equipment.

‘It’s brilliant.

‘Everyone that has seen it so far has said it’s amazing.’

Alicia’s family are still fundraising for an outbuilding to store all her equipment.

To make a donation, visit the website at alicia-pannell.org.uk or call (023) 9235 7473.