Evie’s close shave raises fortune for charity

A before and after picture of Evie McAuley's charity hair shave
A before and after picture of Evie McAuley's charity hair shave
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SOUTHSEA school girl Evie McAuley has a trendy new look after having her long locks lopped off for charity.

Evie, 13, set on the style after seeing a TV ad for the Race for Life.

The Portsmouth Grammar School pupil raised an incredible £1,648.35 for Cancer Research UK through her webpage at justgiving.com/Evies-Charity-Headshave.

She said: ‘I wanted to do something different to raise money.

‘I realised we really need to do something to stop cancer.’

Evie said it took a little while to ajust to the new look.

She said: ‘For the first day or two after it was it was cut I was a bit nervous to go out, but now it’s okay.’

Evie waved goodbye to her waist-length hair after school on the last day of term. A family friend gave Evie her first haircut since she got a bob at age seven.

She said: ‘I’m really pleased and happy about it, and all my friends said they had a lot of respect for me.’

Dad, Mich McAuley, said he was ‘incredibly proud’ of Evie’s effort.

He said: ‘Because she’s got such lovely hair, my initial reaction was to wonder if she could do something else to raise money.

‘But she was adamant that she wanted to do something that would make people take notice.

‘And now that she’s had it done she looks pretty groovy.’

Evie donated the hair to the charity Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for cancer sufferers.