Facebook campaign under way to find Blu the runaway Bedhampton whippet

MISSING Blu the whippet who has gone missing
MISSING Blu the whippet who has gone missing
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BLU is a dog on the run – and being able to sprint at 35mph, she’s going to be difficult to catch.

The three-year-old whippet is at the centre of a missing dog campaign that has sparked a Facebook page with more than 160 followers.

Blu vanished while being walked by owners Julie McDonagh, 37, and partner Nigel Easton, 45, on a field in Old Bedhampton on Tuesday, November 1.

Fifteen minutes later the hound was seen running in the direction of Broadmarsh – and appears to have never stopped running ever since.

Several sightings have been reported near Emsworth in the villages of Chidham, Southbourne, Prinsted and Bosham.

‘She’s just so fast,’ said Julie, of Maylands Road, Bedhampton, who also owns another whippet called Meg and a Cairn terrier called Mia.

‘She’s like lightning. Everyone says she sprints off every time they try to catch her.

‘She’s got a leather collar on, so some people think she’s with someone.’

Julie is pulling out all the stops to get her beloved pooch back home.

She said: ‘We have been to all the rescue centres, contacted the dog wardens, put posters up in fish and chip shops, supermarkets, anywhere we can. We have put flyers through people’s doors.

‘Hopefully we will be able to entice her back.

‘Blu is very food-orientated. We have been going out with cooked sausages and biscuits trying to find her.

‘Lots of people have said that after a few days they become feral and their animal instincts come out. They can feed on rabbits, apples, anything they can find.’

The Dogs Trust, a canine welfare charity, has offered to provide a special trap to catch Blu.

But until then Julie and Nigel are trying to work out the dog’s movements.

Julie said: ‘At the moment we are trying to work out the area she is in. They say dogs work in triangles. We need to find a good place to put down her bedding and then we will have more chance of finding her.

‘It’s about 4pm that people seem to see her.

‘If we can get any more sightings to see where she sleeps or where she’s going to, it would help.’

Missing Blu the most is Julie’s two-year-old daughter, Evelyn.

‘Every morning she’s saying “Blu has gone”,’ said Julie.

But if anyone can survive out there, it’s Blu.

‘Everyone says she’s unbelievable,’ said Julie.

‘She’s a really cheeky dog. There’s a six-bar gate she can jump over and she will eat anything.

‘My next door neighbour walks her and says she even eats snails.

‘She’s probably just eating whatever she can.’

Anyone with sightings can contact the Facebook group Help find Blu or call (023) 9283 7281.