Facebook down? Here’s how to fix it...

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FACEBOOK users across the UK are struggling to get on the site today.

People clicking on the link get a message saying the site is not available.

But there’s a simple way to make it work – hold down the shift key and refresh the browser.

Or open Facebook in an incognito window and log in again.

The social media giant has not commented or confirmed the source of the issue, but web monitoring site Down Detector says Facebook has been having issues since 9.44am today.

More than 5 per cent of those who reported issues to Down Detector said they were experiencing a ‘total blackout’.

Many users experiencing problems have taken to other social media platforms to express their frustration.

‘Facebook is down and I’m panicking,’ Twitter user Denise Ramirez wrote.

Others have reported that holding down the Shift key on their Mac keyboard or Control on a Windows machine and refreshing the page - known as a hard refresh - is enabling them to load the site as a temporary, if cumbersome, fix.

Facebook user Bruce Beck tweeted: ‘I have to hold the shift key down and hit the ‘reload’ button to get Facebook to load each page. #Glitch #TechnicalSupport.’

Major, global outages at Facebook are rare, and according to tracking site currentlydown.com, the most recent extensive fault of more than 40 minutes was in March, when the site was offline for an hour.