Fall out! Nicholas closes his military memorabilia shop

Nicholas Hall (72) of Sabre Sales in Castle Road Southsea ''''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131357-4894)
Nicholas Hall (72) of Sabre Sales in Castle Road Southsea ''''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131357-4894)
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If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on some military memorabilia, then this could be your chance.

Sabre Sales in Castle Street, Southsea, has dozens of military costumes, collectables, uniforms and badges.

But at the age of 72, owner Nicholas Hall has decided to close up after 28 years and it will shut down in December.

And now he wants to get rid of all the stock.

He said: ‘I have decided to retire from the shop but now I have to spend the next few months trying to rid of all the merchandise. I have so much stuff but most of it isn’t marked up for prices as I know them all in my head.

‘It is going to be so time-consuming marking it all up, so I’m hoping some theatre companies or collectors will come and buy quite a few things.

‘This would be easier than selling it online.’

Theatres across the south have used Sabre Sales to supply them with uniforms and props for their productions. Nicholas even supplied them for shows in London’s West End

He added: ‘I have such a range of stock covering different age periods that theatres come to me for props. They like the fact that I know a lot about the products.

‘I tell them that those boots do not match that coat or those guns wouldn’t have been made until years later.

‘I can advise them to ensure their productions are realistic.’

Nicholas has been working with military merchandise his whole life and has a passion for it.

He bought the original shop on Castle Road and expanded it to take in the shop next door.

He now owns the two bottom-floor shops, three flats above it and what used to be a bakery.

But he is selling up and the site will only be in Nicholas’ hands till December 31.

He said: ‘I’ll be sad to see the shop go but I am now 72 years old and think it is time I retire. I have made the shop the biggest military shop in England.

‘I love the business and it’s something I have put so much into but it is the right time for me to stop.

‘My only worry now is that I have about 95 per cent of my stock left to shift and time’s quickly running out!’