Family brought together by the internet meet for first time in Portsmouth

(l-r) Chanel Logan, Caroline Langley, Alan Langley and Clare Pelakai
(l-r) Chanel Logan, Caroline Langley, Alan Langley and Clare Pelakai
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A GROUP of brothers and sisters who never even knew about each other have met for the first time in Portsmouth.

The four siblings were all children of a Merchant Navy man called Eric Langley, who was married seven times and spent his life travelling around the world before his death in 1983.

They are Chanel Logan, 46, who born in the Philippines but raised in England, Caroline Langley, 76, who was born in Henley-on-Thames, but now lives in Spain, Alan Langley, 59, who was born in Australia and still lives there, and Clare Pelakai, 87, who was born in Scotland and now lives in the United States.

They got to know each other while staying in Southsea for two days thanks to Sheila Trust, of Chichester, another family relation who helped track the siblings down through the internet.

Mrs Trust, 77, said: ‘It’s an amazing story really.

‘It just goes to show the power of the internet. Coming together was very special for them all and was the culmination of many years of searching.’