Family launches fight for £13m to help Jack

INJURED Jack Farrugia
INJURED Jack Farrugia
Tyler Smith

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THE family of a young man left severely disabled by a car crash will launch their case for £13m compensation today.

Lorraine Farrugia, the mother of 22-year-old Jack Farrugia, is set to give evidence at London’s High Court as the family attempt to settle with car insurance company Quinn.

Jack, the former captain of Havant and Waterlooville FC Academy, was left with serious brain damage in November 2008 after he took a lift home from South Downs College and the car hit a van in Tangier Road, Baffins.

Over the past two years, the family has received around £2m to cover the cost of buying Jack a converted bungalow in Havant Road, Drayton, and buying him the equipment he needs to stay comfortable.

Lorraine, of Stride Avenue, Baffins, told The News the court case was the final hurdle for the family and Jack.

It costs £277,000 a year to care for Jack, who needs two round-the-clock carers.

‘Once this is over with, it means no more solicitors, no more court hearings,’ said Lorraine, 50. ‘We can live our lives in peace.’

The case could last anything from a day to 10 days and Lorraine is staying in a hotel in London during proceedings.

Lorraine added: ‘It will give him a better quality of life and the care he needs, the opportunities he needs. This will benefit him in his future life.’

The £13m has been calculated taking into account Jack’s life expectancy.

She said Jack, a huge Pompey fan, is still smiling.

‘He’s fine,’ said Lorraine.

‘He’s doing his physiotherapy and he’s got a therapy room. He still has a few seizures which knock him for six.’