Family pay tribute to Southsea man with tribute evening

TRIBUTE Julian Ravenhall, who died in his sleep.
TRIBUTE Julian Ravenhall, who died in his sleep.
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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THE family of a 36-year-old man who died after slipping into a diabetic coma have spoken of their shock at the sudden loss.

Julian Ravenhall had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 20.

Julian's family advertising a charity fundraiser

Julian's family advertising a charity fundraiser

His family say he had been in control of his medication and led a healthy lifestyle, which is why they were shocked to discover he had died in his sleep.

Father Derek, 62, said: ‘Julian was a very outgoing person who loved music and loved life in general.

‘He did more in 36 years than I have done in 62 years.

‘He was always mucking about and he loved to surf, even though he admitted he wasn’t a good swimmer.

‘He was a very hard worker.

‘He was very well known in the Southsea area, we were surprised at how many people turned up to his funeral.

‘There were about 400 people that attended.

‘As as far as we know he was okay the day before he died.’

Mr Ravenhall said the doctors described Julian’s record-keeping of insulin as exemplary.

‘We don’t know what happened, but we were so shocked,’ he said.

It was Julian’s mother Sue, 65, who discovered him in his bedroom at the family home in Clarendon Mews, Southsea in January.

She said: ‘We don’t know really what happened, it could be because he had low blood sugar.

‘He was really special to all of us and we will miss him so much.’

Julian worked as a data systems manager for Astrium and was the youngest of five children.

His brother James, 40, said: ‘He was a pain at times, but I’m sure I was to him too.

‘He was always there when I needed him and he was the best.

‘I never thought I would be in this situation.’

A tribute night has been organised by friends to remember Julian.

Organiser Alex Davis, 34, had been friends with Julian for 20 years.

He said: ‘Julian was a local lad and was well known in Southsea.

‘He was a big fan of music and this event will be one of the best ways to remember him.

‘He would have enjoyed the live music and we want it to be a celebration of his life as well as a memorial to him.

‘It was a big shock to the family, but this will be a good way to remember him.’

An evening of live music, disco and raffle prizes has been arranged.

It will take place on Friday, April 8, at The Festing pub, Festing Road, Southsea.

Artists The Colliders, The Kolonel, lead singer of Kill Kasper and Matt ‘guitar’ Robinson will be performing.

DJ Hev Stilet-Hoe will also be providing music.

Raffle prizes include shopping vouchers.

Entrance is free, tickets to see the live bands cost £4.

There will also be collection buckets for donations, which will be given to charity Diabetes UK.