Family’s worry as damp and mould takes over home

PROBLEM Adam Harris with one of the walls affected by damp in his flat in Rowner, Gosport. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133149-8)
PROBLEM Adam Harris with one of the walls affected by damp in his flat in Rowner, Gosport. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133149-8)
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A MAN is calling for a housing association to clear up damp and mould in his home as he has fears over his granddaughter’s health.

Adam Harris, 50, of Bucksey Road, Rowner, Gosport, is concerned that his three-bed flat has not been sorted yet.

He says the problem in the three bedrooms has got worse this year, with wallpaper peeling off the walls.

Mr Harris said: ‘I’ve also got a load of black mould that’s growing up on the walls, water running down the walls.

‘It’s got to be more than condensation. My daughter and granddaughter can’t sleep in their bedrooms.

‘We’ve been told to “keep you doors shut, open your windows, wipe your windows down”, which we have done.

‘But this year it’s got really, really bad. My granddaughter is sleeping in a single bedroom with water running down the walls and mould on the walls.’

First Wessex, who run the property, told Mr Harris not to use a tumble dryer, but he says he must do so.

His daughter Rhiannon, 24, cannot sleep in her room and has to stay with her five-month-old child Willow Barker.

Adam’s partner Tracy, 46, and his son Liam Harris, 21, also live in the flat.

Rhiannon added she had to take Willow to hospital for treatment and is worried it may be connected.

She said: ‘I’m sleeping on the floor in the little room and when it’s too cold I’m in the front room. We’ve got water running down the water next to her cot. We’ve done what they’ve said.

‘My health visitor wrote a letter to back me up, (saying) that she’s had respiratory problems. She said... it is going to affect her breathing problems.’

But First Wessex said an independent specialist inspected the home in May and it is has given the family advice.

And in a statement, the firm added it had installed new radiators in two bedrooms and the hallway.

An extractor fan was due to be installed yesterday and cavity wall insulation will be installed next year.