Family weigh up options for USA operation

FUNDRAISING Jack Sims, centre from Wymering, with his brother Charlie and parents Jon and Amber Sims
FUNDRAISING Jack Sims, centre from Wymering, with his brother Charlie and parents Jon and Amber Sims
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PARENTS of a boy with cerebral palsy have been getting advice from a family who have been through similar circumstances.

Jon and Amber Sims, from Wymering Lane, Wymering, are deciding on what options to take to help their three-year-old son Jack. He has cerebral palsy, which affects his ankles and prevents him from walking.

The NHS will not fund an operation until he’s older and the extent of his illness is known.

But Jon and Amber are considering other options and spoke to mum of Oakley Smith, who went to America to have the operation.

Amber said: ‘We have been in touch with Oakley’s mum Angie who told us about her decision to take him to St Louis to have the operation.

‘He suffers from the same illness as Jack and they got told the same as we did from the NHS.

‘At this moment in time, we are just weighing up the pro and cons of the trip.

‘But Angie has been really helpful telling us a lot about the hospital and how Oakley is getting on. It has been great to have someone to talk to about things like this.’

Oakley, three, can walk after having the £50,000 operation.

But, for Jon and Angie, it is a decision they don’t want to rush.

Jon added: ‘At the moment, we aren’t sure what we want to do.

‘But in case we decide to have the operation, we have started fundraising.

‘We will see how close to the £50,000 we can get and, if we decide not to go ahead, we will donate the money to a charity that helps children with cerebral palsy.’

Jack has a twin brother, Charlie, and Jon has said Jack is starting to see they’re different.

He added: ‘Jack knows that he can’t run around with Charlie but he doesn’t understand.

‘It is quite upsetting to see but we keep positive for the future.’