Fans’ frustration as England crash out of Euro 2016

Glum fans look on at The Wicor Mill as England crash out of Euro 2016 to Iceland Picture: Jeff Travis
Glum fans look on at The Wicor Mill as England crash out of Euro 2016 to Iceland Picture: Jeff Travis
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  • Pub-goers in Portchester left bewildered by defeat
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THERE was agony for fans as England sank to a depressing defeat and crashed out of Euro 2016.

Spirits were high during the early stages of the last-16 tie with Iceland last night as dozens of fans gathered at The Wicor Mill pub, in White Hart Lane, Portchester.

But the ecstasy of an early penalty gave way to mounting frustration as Iceland bounced back with two goals of their own.

The beer was flowing throughout the 90 minutes as fans huddled around the big screens.

And towards the end there were loud cries of ‘Come on England’, as well as pleas of ‘What are they doing?’

Fans were on their feet and shouting at the screens whenever England got close to the Iceland net.

But the goals did not materialise.

And when the final whistle was blown in a 2-1 loss, many were in disbelief that the mighty England had been knocked out of the tournament by a country with a population of 320,000 – less than the Portsmouth conurbation.

Paul Winter, 48, from Portchester, said: ‘I’m gutted.

‘It’s over for us now.’

Chris Goldfish, 30, from Fareham, said: ‘They were rubbish. I’m not very happy.’

And he joked: ‘I’m not buying a frozen curry from Iceland for years!’

Ricky Hutton, 47, from Portchester, said: ‘England played the wrong team.

‘England were very disappointing. The strikers were rubbish.’

Oskar Wightman, 28, said: ‘I’m completely gutted.

‘I feel we should not be losing to a team like Iceland.

‘England are a bigger team and should do better.’

Ashley Dungar, 19, from Portchester, said: ‘It started off quite well.

‘I’m really disappointed.’

Grant Stillwell, 32, said: ‘Fair play to Iceland. They are a dangerous team and were not scared of England.’

James Wiseman, 38, said: ‘I got exactly what I expected.’

Landlady Lorraine Lundbech, 47, said: ‘England always let us down – every time. We always put so much money on them, we bank on them all the time, and then nothing.’

But she said it had been a good few weeks for the pub and it had certainly got people out enjoying the matches.