Fareham cat Olly makes a comeback after her five-month walkabout

Jenny Garner, from Hill Head, with her cat Olly who she has been re-united with. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142001-2)
Jenny Garner, from Hill Head, with her cat Olly who she has been re-united with. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142001-2)
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A LOST cat has been reunited with its owners five months after it went missing – and all thanks to its microchip.

Now the Garner family wants to urge people to get their cats chipped, so that owners’ details can be brought up if the pet is found.

Olly the cat went missing earlier this year from the family home in Hill Head, Fareham.

Her owners, Jenny and Mike and their two children Isabelle, three, and Thomas, 16 months, were devastated.

But Olly was eventually found at the RSPCA’s Stubbington Ark after she was brought in by a member of the public.

Mrs Garner said: ‘I was surprised and shocked when we got her. I didn’t think she was going to come back.’

Staff at the animal shelter were able to trace the family thanks to the cat’s microchip.

Mrs Garner, 30, said: ‘If our cat wasn’t chipped then she’d never have found her way back to us.’

Paul Long-Collins, manager at the Stubbington Ark, said: ‘Microchips are hugely important. The reality is that if animals are chipped they have a much higher chance of being reunited should they get lost.’

All dog owners in England will have to chip their dogs by 2016 or could face fines of up to £500, but Mr Long-Collins, 51, said it is important for all pets to have microchips.

‘Rabbits and ferrets need to be chipped. Believe it or not we get a lot of stray rabbits and ferrets,’ he said.

He also stressed the importance of keeping contact details up to date.

Olly is now settling in back at home.

Mrs Garner said: ‘The children were missing her, my daughter kept asking where she was and when she was coming back.

‘We have no idea where she was for the five months. She wasn’t underweight so we think she had been fed.

‘At some point her back leg had been broken. Now she’s back she is fine, it’s like she has never been away.’

The Stubbington Ark offers microchipping for £12 – call 01329 667541.