Fareham drivers flouting rules are ‘putting lives at risk’ say angry residents

DRIVERS are flouting the rules of the road and putting people in danger say angry residents.

Homeowners in High Street, Fareham want the speed limit reduced to 20mph to combat their growing concerns that motorists are posing a danger to pedestrians.

A car makes an  illegal right turn into Fareham High Street from Civic Way and Osborn Road'Pictures by Bob Aylott.

A car makes an illegal right turn into Fareham High Street from Civic Way and Osborn Road'Pictures by Bob Aylott.

Resident Bob Aylott said: ‘We are passionate about this historic conservation area and proud to live in Fareham Town centre.

‘We are more than just people living in one of the longest stretches of Georgian architecture in the county. We are the custodians of these beautiful buildings. For this privilege we abide by the rigorous rules and regulations placed on our conservation area.

‘In the time I have lived in High Street I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the volume of traffic and the speed and noise particularly from motor bikes. Alongside this, drivers’ lack of patience and blatant disregard of the highway code has reached an all-time low.’

Bob and others have gone as far as photographing drivers making illegal right turns at the junctions of Osborn Road and High Street and Civic Way and High Street in order to prove their point to the council.

The group have put a petition signed by 300 people forward to Hampshire County Council and Bob hopes to make deputations at a full county council meeting and at a Fareham Borough Council meeting.

Bob added: ‘Drivers breaking the speed limit is more prevalent early morning and evenings on week days, when the long straight stretch of road is not so busy and equally as dangerous are drivers who regularly break the law and ignore the no right turns and give way signs at junctions.

‘This puts lives at risk daily and so we want the speed limit reduced. My local borough councillors have been extremely helpful with our cause.’

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘Crossing the road to visit your neighbours is like taking your life in your hands.

‘The other day someone’s dog was hit and died and I think if the cars were travelling slower the dog may have survived.

‘The council have said they won’t review reducing the speed limit unless there is a fatality or accident but I doubt they will have to wait long for that to happen.’

Hampshire County Council have run 20mph pilot schemes in 14 locations since 2012 but a report this summer concluded the schemes had little impact and no such further schemes would be implemented.

Councillor Tom Davies added: ‘I fully understand the concerns High Street residents have and I am fully supportive of changes being made to ensure greater safety for motorists and pedestrians. 

‘The current layout, from junctions to crossings, is poorly thought out and I’m pleased to see that local residents feel so passionately about their community and want to change things for the better.