Fareham mum shocked by explicit references in YouTube stars’ books

WHSmith in West Street, Fareham
WHSmith in West Street, Fareham
  • Mum calls on national retailer to change how it markets books by internet icons
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A MUM says she has been forced to ban her young daughter from reading books by her favourite YouTube celebrities because their content is ‘too rude’.

Anthea Mundye took the drastic action after discovering the content within the books Binge and This Book Loves You by YouTubers Tyler Oakley and PewDiePie.

Books by YouTube stars PewDiePie, left, and Tyler Oakley

Books by YouTube stars PewDiePie, left, and Tyler Oakley

She claims the books, which had both been bought by her 11-year-old girl India at WHSmith in Fareham, made lewd references to drugs, sex and pornography.

Anthea, 39, of Mill Lane, Fareham, said: ‘I can’t begin to explain why India can’t read them, it’s too explicit.

‘The books talk about taking drugs – taking acid, porn and saying things about people’s private parts.

‘The first line in one of the books, for example, says: “Go ahead, binge. I’m not saying go and snort a bunch of cocaine or do anything that’s going to seriously put you or the people around you in danger, obviously” – that’s just not appropriate.

I’m not prudish but the content is too extreme. I had no idea it would be like this

Anthea Mundye, of Fareham

‘I’m not prudish but the content is too extreme. I had no idea it would be like this.’

PewDiePie is the most popular content maker on YouTube, with almost 41.6m subscribers, while Tyler Oakley has 7.9m subscribers.

Oakley’s book makes references to using dating apps and gives tips on how to have sex ‘anonymously’.

Many of those who follow the internet stars are young children or teenagers.

Anthea claimed the two books by the duo had been deliberately marketed for this audience – something she disagrees with.

She is now urging parents to take greater care and called for WHSmith to alter its marketing strategy.

‘The books are marketed for children,’ she said.

‘I want to warn parents about this because I think they should not be read by children.’

An official from the retail giant WHSmith has said that the company is due to conduct a review into where the books are placed.

The spokeswoman explained said: ‘We take the responsibility for the products we sell very seriously and are committed to listening to our customers.

‘Due to the popular nature of the authors, these titles are often sought after by teenagers who follow them online. We currently display Pewdiepie’s This Book Loves You in the adult book section in our stores and we are currently undergoing a range review where Tyler Oakley’s Binge will be moving to adult books in due course.’