Father ‘angry’ after finding Swastika at Lee-on-the-Solent

The spray-painted symbol. Picture: Justin Capps
The spray-painted symbol. Picture: Justin Capps
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A FATHER-OF-THREE has spoken out after discovering a spray-painted Swastika.

Justin Capps, 37, was walking with his two young children when he saw a Swastika which had been sprayed on to a wall near Lee-on-the-Solent Bowling Club.

Reacting to the discovery – which he saw in an alleyway off the Salisbury Terrace club – he said: ‘I was very upset. I was walking with my children – taking my nine-year-old daughter to an organ lesson.

‘The girls routinely say that Lee is the safest place in the world and, while I know it’s hyperbole, I’m always very glad they feel that way.

‘The sight of it made me feel ill and angry. There is no excuse and no rational motivation for doing such a thing. It acts as a signal to other like-minded people that they are not alone and simultaneously as a threat to all who have been targeted by Nazi and neo-Nazi groups.’

After he found the graffiti, Mr Capps tweeted Gosport Borough Council a picture of it. He said: ‘Please get rid of it immediately.’

Gosport Borough Council has said the symbol will be removed or painted over this afternoon.