Faulty power line leaves neighbours stuck in the dark

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FRUSTRATED neighbours have been left in the dark by a faulty power circuit that keeps knocking out their electricity.

More than a dozen residents in Gosport have been putting up with blackouts at their homes since Monday.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) said the problem lies with a ‘rogue circuit’ in the power station at Bury Road.

The intermittent power cuts have been affecting people living in the surrounding streets.

Ian Chambers, 51, of Tintern Road, said he was trying to watch the opening ceremony of the Paralympics on TV when the power went.

‘My lad has a very expensive computer and if it isn’t shut down properly the power could spike and break it,’ he said. ‘So it really is a pain.

‘The engineer takes two hours to come out and when he leaves the power goes off again.

‘The electric company needs to look at it and it needs to tell their customers what’s going on.’

For some homes, the power cuts have been going on for four days, while others have suffered blackouts since Tuesday.

Many of them occur late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Engineers from SSE have been visiting the site to replace fuses.

Harry Millerchip, 18, of Gordon Road, said: ‘It’s infuriating.

‘Some of them last for 10 minutes and others last for three hours.

‘It always seems to happen in the evening which is worse because we have had to go looking around for candles and torches each night.

‘We’ve had no word from the electric company at all.’

Engineers from SSE were at the site of the Bury Road station yesterday working on the problem.

A spokeswoman for SSE said: ‘We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and thank the residents for their patience.

‘We are aware of a fault on the rogue circuit. It means the electricity isn’t quite flowing correctly.

‘Our engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it.

‘We would like to apologise to the residents for any disruption while we carry out this work and for the power cuts.’

SSE said it was aware of four power cuts over the past few days which affected 17 homes.