Fears for children’s safety at play area

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A FORMER Lord Mayor of Portsmouth has spoke of her concern for the safety of children copying backflips and somersaults seen during the Olympics.

Elaine Baker, who was mayor in 2001 and 2002, says she has received a number of calls from worried residents in Inverness Road, Buckland.

They fear children who jump off concrete pipes in a play area off the road could seriously end up harming themselves because the ground is rough.

Elaine, of Mulberry Avenue, Cosham, said: ‘Something must be done to discourage children from carrying out these stunts.

‘People are blaming the Olympics.

‘They have told me the moves are similar to what some of the athletes did.

‘They are professionals who have had plenty of training so they know what they are doing.

‘There are concerns that a child could end up breaking their neck.

‘I haven’t been down to the play area myself yet but it sounds extremely worrying.’