Fine arts student goes solo at the Guildhall

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A University of Portsmouth fine art student is putting her best feet forward with a solo photographic exhibition at the Guildhall.

Ailsa Brims’ show consists of a series of 18 black-and-white images showing people rushing past the Guildhall and Eldon Building, which is home to the University’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).

The exhibition came about after CCI students were invited to submit proposals to mark the relationship between Eldon Building and Portsmouth Guildhall, which this year is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Postgraduate student Ailsa, of Gosport, said: ‘I was shocked and delighted to be awarded this exhibition. I took my time to think about the connection between the Eldon Building and The Guildhall. I sat on the steps and watched everyone rushing by, then I walked to Eldon and watched everyone rushing past. I realised that the connection – for me, anyway – was that people rush past and don’t notice the buildings around them.

‘My pictures are taken in a mindful street photography style and show ethereal shadows and reflections of people rushing past both buildings. We don’t see who they are in the same way that they don’t see the building.’

Ailsa’s idea saw her win £250 towards the production of the exhibition, which runs until March 7.

It can be viewed from 9am to 5pm every weekday, and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.