Firefighters dance up a disco inferno

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FIREFIGHTERS showed off their funky moves in a version of the Harlem Shake craze which has swept the internet.

Southsea station’s Red Watch put together the 90-second clip during a quiet moment and it has quickly racked up thousands of hits online.

Harlem Shake by Red Watch at Southsea Fire station

Harlem Shake by Red Watch at Southsea Fire station

Although the clip doesn’t reveal the Hampshire station where it was recorded, Red Watch manager Rob Dellow revealed that it was his colleagues behind the masks and costumes.

Rob, who appears in the clip wearing a yellow protection suit, said: ‘We are the guys behind it.

‘There’s a firefighter in my watch, Gareth Smith, who runs and organises a dance group which meets at our station, and they’ve got members ranging from toddlers to students of 17 or 18.

‘One of the things they’re involved with is the Dance Aid charity.’

The clip features Tega Alex, a sports science student in Chichester and hip-hop dance champion.

Rob added: ‘It’s a collaboration between Gareth and Tega – they wanted to do something a little bit different for Dance Aid and the way these crazes come and go on the internet, we had to move quickly.

‘It all happened over about two days and we shot it on Wednesday evening. It’s been received well, and the guys were keen to get involved.

‘The clip is about raising awareness, and we’re suggesting if people enjoy the video they can follow the links and give a few quid.’

Dance Aid uses dance to help change the lives of vulnerable youngsters.

The Harlem Shake has become one of the biggest internet crazes of 2013.

The clip always begins with one person dancing on their own to the techno tune, before it cuts to the same scene with a big group of people in fancy dress and strange costumes joining in.