Fireworks show lights up Gunwharf

Nathan Jones-Morris, Ben Sawyers and and Rob Holbrooke at 
Meon Valley Butchers, The Square, Wickham. 
Picture: Habibur Rahman

Butcher of the year brings home the bacon once again

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Thousands headed to Gunwharf Quays last night as it staged a spectacular fireworks display.

The sky around the Spinnaker Tower was lit up with glitter and colourful flashes as fireworks exploded to a series of popular tunes in front of the delighted crowd.

The Gunwharf firework display.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (123567-7)

The Gunwharf firework display.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (123567-7)

Nan Helen Birch, 65, took her son David, 23, and her two grandchildren, Charlie Graham, 10 and Hannah Graham, eight.

Hannah, from Denmead, said: ‘The fireworks were amazing. I loved the sparkly ones and the really big ones.’

Charlie, also from Denmead, added: ‘The smoke from the really big ones was amazing.

‘It looked like trees.

‘And the music was good too. I’ve never seen a firework show like it.’

Crowds were treated a live music performances from The Three Belles and VOCES8, as well as dance shows from the Neptune Girls and Streetforce DC before the firework display.

Helen, from Fareham, said: ‘It’s so nice to have something like this that we can all go to together as a family.

‘Especially in the winter time where there is not much else going on outside.

‘You have to make the effort to come out and get a bit of the atmosphere – that’s what it’s all about.’

Also in the crowd was dad Mohamed Gaber, 35, with his wife Nesrieu, 35, and two children Boudy, five and Marian, three.

Mohamed, from Milton, said: ‘The kids loved it. Boudy thought he was making the fireworks go off with his toy.

‘It’s the first time we have ever seen the fireworks here, and they were so good that we’re definitely coming back next year.’

The firework display has gathered such a reputation over the years that people flock from all over the county to see it, including mum Beverley Critchley, 41, who brought her two children Ryan, 10, and Yasmine, eight.

Beverley, from the New Forest, said: ‘It’s one of the best firework displays I’ve ever seen and it’s so good that it’s all free.

‘We’ve been to paid events in the past that haven’t been as good as this one so it’s worth the journey.’

Yasmine added: ‘It was really fun. I loved the fireworks, they were very colourful.

‘And the music was good.

‘I liked the way it went in time with the fireworks.’