Fishermen back on their feet after storms

Fishermen have been getting back on their feet
Fishermen have been getting back on their feet
A fund raising afternoon was held at The Fox Tavern in Gosport to raise money for the funeral of Royal Navy veteran, Raymond Daniels.

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FISHERMEN have been getting back on their feet following the storms at the beginning of the year which caused serious damage to their equipment.

Chichester District Council has been helping fishermen write applications for a government grant set up to help the fishing industry recover from the hardship caused by the storms.

The fishermen were unable to go out to sea for three months because of the severe weather.

The storms caused damage to fishing gear stored on the beach.

The grants have allowed the fishermen to claim back 60 per cent of the costs of replacing expensive equipment such as pots and lines. A storm gate has been installed at Selsey, which is famous for its lobster and crab.

Other work carried out to help the fishermen land their catch safely included re-profiling the shingle at East Beach after it shifted and banked up in the storms.

Councillor Myles Cullen, in charge of commercial services at the council, said: ‘The fishing industry in Selsey is worth £1.5 million to the local economy which is a significant amount. ‘

‘Our economic development team was able to assist the fishermen to enable them to recover.’