Five-year-old boy gives up Christmas presents to help others

Maximilian Haskell who asked for two hampers to be donated to the food bank instead of Christmas presents for him.
Maximilian Haskell who asked for two hampers to be donated to the food bank instead of Christmas presents for him.
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MOST children spend the Christmas holidays relaxing.

But Maximilian Haskell decided he wanted to donate two food hampers to people in need in his community.

The five-year-old had been learning about food waste at school, and decided he wanted to do something to help people who aren’t as fortunate as him.

So his parents contacted the Beacon Food Bank in Havant and asked what sort of food they would need and then went out and bought it.

Maximilian said: ‘I learnt at school that people are wasting 7m tonnes of food. So I thought about the people and how poor they would be at Christmas.

‘I’m happy because I helped make other families happy at Christmas.’

His dad Dylan Haskell, 41, from Southleigh Road in Denvilles, Havant, said: ‘He was learning at school about the amount of food that’s wasted by everyone around the world.

‘We talked to him about how lots of people around the world are less fortunate.

‘He said to me, what if he asked Father Christmas for a few less presents, could he get some hampers to give to less fortunate families that are perhaps struggling? What a wonderful gesture.’

It was part of The News’ Christmas Food Appeal, to help people in need at this time of year.

People donated food through local supermarkets, which was collected by food banks across the area.

And Dylan said it was a shock when his son made the announcement.

‘He was quite specific that he wanted to make some other families happy at Christmas and he wanted fewer presents as a result,’ he said.

‘I was quite emotional and quite taken aback by it because it’s such a lovely gesture for such a young man.

‘I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it.’

Dylan took Maximilian down to the food bank to deliver the hampers, where he was shown how the food bank worked.

Ruth Scott from the Beacon Food Bank, said: ‘When we first heard what he wanted to do, we were really moved.

‘This must be a special family when their five year-old is so aware of other people in need.

‘It is really heartwarming when you see something like this, a light in the darkness of the commercialism of the season.

‘Hopefully, other people reading about his caring act will be inspired to do similar acts of kindness to those around them.’