Flap as penguin is banned from Facebook

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A PENGUIN which had its own page on Facebook has had his profile shut down without notice – because he is not human.

Dippy, a 17-year-old Humboldt, posted hundreds of photos of himself on the social networking site, including one of him in an England football shirt and another in a bow tie.

Visitors to Seaview Wildlife Encounter, in Seaview, Isle of Wight, would often add him as a friend when they returned home and follow his page for regular updates. He had almost 3,000 friends. But his page was suspended by Facebook yesterday evening without notice – almost 18 months after it was created.

Park manager Jules Brittan spent an hour every day updating Dippy’s status and replying to questions from fans in the UK, United States, Australia and South Africa. She said: ‘I don’t know how the people who run Facebook can do something like this to a small, innocent penguin and thousands of his friends.

‘He would log in for an hour every day, responding to children’s questions and talking about conservation work. People would come and see him at the park, tickle his tummy when he waddled up to them and then return home and add him on Facebook.’

A spokesman for Facebook said they were looking into the matter, but said the terms and conditions of the website stated members had to be real people.