Forum for the over 50s has new leader

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A NEW chairman has taken over at an influential group which represents older people.

The Havant 50 Plus Forum has been running since 2002 and taken on many causes close to the hearts of older people in the town.

Pete Walden, the long-standing chairman has now been made honorary president.

Malcolm Carpenter has taken on the chairmanship and said he is looking forward to his new role.

He added: ‘The aim of the forum is to raise awareness of issues that are important to the older residents living in the borough.

‘This is a way for older residents to have a say in services and amenities provided for them.

‘If anyone has an issue which is not being dealt with, bring it to our attention and we will take up the matter for you.’

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, unless a Bank holiday – when it is the second Monday.

Meetings are held in the Beacon Church, the Meridian Centre, Havant, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.