Freerunner who worked with Tom Cruise leads Portsmouth Parkour event

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A DAREDEVIL and freerunning expert who has worked as a stuntman in a Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise will soon be flipping his way into Portsmouth.

Renowned parkour athlete Sam Parham, who was part of the stunt team in Cruise’s sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow, will teach people the art of freerunning during a festival at Portsmouth Cathedral on October 3.

He will be showing residents the basic skills as well as showing off some of the more tricky techniques, during the cathedral’s Patronal Festival Weekend.

Cathedral spokesman John Bolt said he is excited about the upcoming event.

‘Sam is one of the most experienced parkour and free-running athletes in the world,’ he said. ‘He holds three Guinness World Records, has won international competitions, and has been a key pioneer of the sport for over 12 years.

‘Sam is a fully qualified stunt performer and holds a Screen Actors’ Guild Award for best stunts in the hugely acclaimed Game Of Thrones series.’

The freerunner and his 3run Parkour team last performed at site in 2009.

The workshop will be run from 10am to 1pm at the cathedral nave and outside on the green areas. Loose clothing should be worn.

Participation is free. However, people need to register beforehand.

To join, see, call (023) 9282 3300 or email