Friend’s marathon challenge to grant Liz’s dying wish

Liz Hewer (left) with her friend Elizabeth Fallon
Liz Hewer (left) with her friend Elizabeth Fallon
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IT was Elizabeth Fallon’s dying wish to see her best friend complete the London Marathon.

Elizabeth, of Brighton Avenue in Gosport, became famous worldwide for her On the Road to Recovery badges, in a bid to inspire people to beat cancer.

Liz is planning to complete a series of events, including the Moonlit Memories Walk and the Plymouth half marathon, culminating in the London marathon next year.

She is also putting together a team of Elizabeth’s friends to complete the Race for Life this year, all in her memory.

Liz, 37, who ran last year’s Great South Run in a wedding dress, pictured right, said: ‘The last text I got from Liz said she wanted me to do the London marathon.

‘She said she was looking forward to being at the finishing line.

‘She wanted me to wear her badge.

‘That was the last text I ever got from her.

‘I’m looking forward to it. It’s a great challenge I think.’

Liz and her friends are grouping together to raise money for the Harbour Cancer Centre.

They will walk, run or jog the Race for Life in Southsea on Sunday, July 24.

‘A few of us are going to do it,’ she added.

‘Liz talked about it before she died. She was still keen to do it herself.

‘She was very sporty. She used to run for a local club in Gosport.

‘I think there was a lot of interest in everybody doing something together to support the Harbour Cancer Centre but also in Liz’s memory.

‘She was always known as the sporty one growing up at school.

‘I used to run with Liz. We used to run all around the country together. I used to be quite fit when I was younger.’

There are around 25 people taking part, with some running the 10k and others choosing to walk the 5k race instead.

‘She would be proud of us,’ added Liz.

‘She always promoted being healthy.

‘All she ever wanted was for everybody to do the best they can in life and I think a lot of people have taken that on board.

‘It’s just about giving back. People are doing different things. I’m extremely positive about it all. Bring it on.’

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