From muscle cars to Mustangs – mayor’s show had the best on display

  • Annual classic car show raises money for mayor’s charities
  • Scores of stunning vehicles on dispaly
  • Harley Davisons roared in to town centre
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THE unmistakable roar of Harley Davidsons sent thrills through the crowds of petrol heads at a classic car show.

More than a dozen of the motorcycles, from Eagle Riders, drove through Waterlooville precinct to add to the incredible line-up of vehicles on display in the Mayor of Havant’s annual classic vehicle show.

BLAST FROM THE PAST Just some of the cars on display at the show. Pictures: Allan Hutchings (151135-019)

BLAST FROM THE PAST Just some of the cars on display at the show. Pictures: Allan Hutchings (151135-019)

Proud owners came from across the area to show-off their cars, vans and motorcycles – some of which were more than a century old.

Stan Oberholster, from Forest End, was admiring a sports car.

The 76-year-old said: ‘I come to this car show every year and I would say this is the best one yet.

‘It’s great because it’s only down the road.

I just love the roar of the Harley Davisons

Viv Meredith

‘I have a passion for classic cars and I think we should have really good shows like this more often.

‘My favourite is the green MGB.

‘I can certainly imagine myself in it.

‘But my wife probably wouldn’t like it because it would mess up her hair!’

Terry Cleife, from Hambledon, displayed his 1916 American La France open-top car.

He said: ‘It’s been a 17-year labour of love.

‘I bought it in pieces and have put the whole thing back together myself.

‘It was hard work but I enjoy driving it and displaying it to see people’s reactions.

‘Very often I’ll be driving along and see passengers in other cars pull out their phones to take pictures.

‘People are astonished when they see it on the roads.

‘Its too old to have been fitted with seatbelts. But it’s no more dangerous than riding a motorcycle.’

Among the cars on display were Volkswagen Beetles, plenty of Ford Mustangs, Chevrolets, Mercedes, BMWs and even Morris Minors.

Viv Meredith, from Horndean, said: ‘I just love the roar of the Harley Davisons.

‘I don’t think I’d go on one now but I love to look at them and I love the sound of them.

‘There’s nothing quite like it. It’s so good to see something like this go on in Waterlooville.’

As well as dozens of cars the Stokes Bay Strummers entertained the crowds and there was an entertainer for the children too.

Councillor Faith Ponsonby, the Deputy Mayor of Havant, enjoyed the display.

She said: ‘It was a really fabulous show.

‘We had so many classic cars which were clearly the loves of their owners’ lives.

‘They spend hours polishing them, finding new bits for them.

‘It’s really good to come and see the reward of their labours out here.

‘They are beautiful.’