From Portsmouth to Hollywood for young actor

Charlie Clark is studying at a famed Los Angeles acting school
Charlie Clark is studying at a famed Los Angeles acting school
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HE’S following in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest actors and has even been invited to party with George Clooney.

For Charlie Clark, Portsmouth seems a long way away.

Robert de Niro

Robert de Niro

The 24-year-old is coming to the end of a two-year course at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood, Los Angeles, once attended by some of the best in the business including Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland.

Now, he is hoping to launch his acting career. Charlie, originally from Farlington, said: ‘I now live in the heart of Hollywood with my dear friend, she is also my manager. We met out here.

‘Our apartment looks over all of LA and it’s a little surreal at times, considering not even a couple years ago I was catching the train from Cosham to Commercial Road every day.

‘Living in LA is very exciting, and a little overwhelming at times, because there is so much constantly happening.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland

‘It is a little strange when you get invited to a George Clooney party in Beverly Hills, or you’re speaking to your friend who is recovering from a hangover because she just spent the night partying till 8am with Leonardo DiCaprio at his Hollywood Hills mansion.

‘But all that aside, It is a very competitive town and you have to be willing to work your socks off, otherwise you’ll be left in the gutter.

‘But there are also many lovely, smart and interesting people here, who I have made life-long friendships with.

‘Plus, it’s always sunny, it’s next to the beach, and there are palm trees everywhere. So there’s nothing really to complain about.’

elizabeth taylor

elizabeth taylor

Charlie said it was an easy choice picking where he would study.

‘I chose this academy because it’s famous for producing some of the great actors of all time,’ he said.

‘The teachers I’ve studied with are all experts in their field and are close friends to, or have worked with, so many famous people.

‘I have some upcoming projects which I’m extremely excited about. But I can’t say much more just yet.

‘I love acting so much because it is an escape, a way of expressing myself without any boundaries.

‘My dream is, quite simply, to be the greatest actor of this generation. And I think I can be.’