From stray to mum of five... it’s a month to remember for cat Tilly!

Inga Silverberg from Stubbington who has nurtured Tilly the stray who has given birth to five kittens
Inga Silverberg from Stubbington who has nurtured Tilly the stray who has given birth to five kittens
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FOUND scared and hungry under a town centre bench, young Tilly’s future looked bleak until she was rescued by a charity.

Now just a month later the moggy is a proud mum to five kittens and being looked after in a loving home.

She was fostered by cat lovers Eric and Inga Silverberg who took her in on behalf of the Fareham and Waterlooville Cats Protection – not realising she was pregnant.

But she has proved to be a wonderful mother, as Mrs Silverberg explains: ‘They are all absolutely adorable.

‘I don’t have to do anything with this litter because their mum is so good, especially considering she is so young and five is a pretty big litter.’

The couple, of Upper Old Street, Stubbington, received a call on February 1 to say Tilly had been found under a bench in Cosham High Street.

They picked her up and took her straight to the vet where they discovered more than they’d bargained for.

Mr Silverberg said: ‘The first thing we do is check if they have a microchip and if they are healthy.

‘The vet could feel at least two babies developing and could tell that Tilly herself was less than a year old.

‘She is the most gentle, loving and caring cat we have ever looked after.

‘In the four weeks we have had her, her claws have never come out.

‘When we stroke her she purrs and pulls her claws in because she doesn’t want to scratch you.

‘On Sunday she had five chubby little kittens who are all delightful.

‘So she is a single mother of quintuplets!

‘We will wait until they have all been weaned and get them microchipped and vaccinated before they are rehomed. It’s a very strict process and the homes and the potential new owners will be vetted thoroughly before we let them go so we know they will be safe and happy.’

The Fareham and Waterlooville branch was set up a year ago and in that time Mr and Mrs Silverberg have fostered 10 kittens.

Mr Silverberg, 75, said: ‘Four of them were rescued from a cemetery. Five were brought to us at only two weeks old because their mother had been killed.

‘And one of them was a stray found in a gutter in December.

‘If a member of public hadn’t stopped at traffic lights and seen movement she may not have survived.

‘She was skin and bone and so cold.

‘Now they are all very happy in their new homes.’

If you would like to be considered as an owner contact 0845 260 1504 or email

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