Frustration at BT as homes lose telephone lines

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BT has come under fire for leaving a street without phones or the internet for more than a month.

And residents in First Avenue, Clanfield, say they have been left in the dark about when it will be working again.

Issues arose just before the Jubilee weekend when engineers dug up a cable to sort out a crackly telephone line to one house which was experiencing problems.

Since then the phone lines to around 10 homes have been down.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said she was frustrated at the lack of information coming from BT.

Her mobile phone bill has doubled and she has had to buy a mobile internet dongle for her family to go online.

She said: ‘It affects quite a number of houses in Clanfield, many of which are older and probably their only lifeline to the outside world.

‘This is causing all sorts of stress and I am extremely upset at the lack of communication from BT – especially being a communications company.

‘We have learned that after digging up and relaying cables they had not allowed enough cable to reach the junction box.

‘Therefore it will have to be done again.

‘We’ve only found out most of the information through talking to engineers in the area which I feel is unacceptable.’

The first work took place on a patch of green in front of a row of 10 houses following a complaint by a resident that their phone line kept cutting out before they could answer it. There were also problems with the line crackling.

Emma Littlejohn, a spokeswoman for BT, said: ‘We’re very aware of the situation but unfortunately it’s just one of those faults that’s been really complicated to get to the bottom of.

‘There have been little faults along various parts of the cable and every time we solve one problem another pops up .

‘We are incredibly sorry.

‘Because it’s a small number of people it’s actually proving more difficult to solve.

‘We’re going back out to do another dig to replace another piece of damaged cable.

‘We totally appreciate their (residents) frustration.’

It is hoped the lines will be working in the next few days.