Georgina takes the plunge in aid of stroke charity

OFF WE GO Georgina Hall plummets to earth with her instructor
OFF WE GO Georgina Hall plummets to earth with her instructor

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PLUMMETING to the earth from 15,000ft at 140mph might not be everyone’s idea of fun.

But Georgina Hall, 19, of Shaftesbury Road, Gosport, did exactly that – and for charity.

When her best friend’s grandmother died after suffering a stroke, Georgina decided she would raise money for the Stroke Association.

She secured £535 from friends and family ahead of her great leap for the charity, which serves stroke patients and their families, giving them information relating to care.

She said: ‘It was the best experience of my entire life.

‘Falling out a plane at 140mph and then pulling the parachute open – it felt like I was floating.’

But before the leap, Georgina says she began to have second thoughts.

‘It took about 20 minutes to get up there, I was scared to begin with,’ she said.

‘They hang you out of the plane and at that point I didn’t want to do it.

‘They sit in the plane and they hang you out and then slowly lean out and tip you out.’

Georgina hopes that the cash raised from the skydive will help boost the charity, as she says people tend not to think of stroke charities when donating money. And she wants to continue to help too, studying English language and linguistics at the University of Brighton so that she can begin a career as a speech therapist.

She said: ‘I’ve always wanted to be a speech therapist and specialise in people who have had strokes.

‘A lot of people raise money for Cancer Research but not many people raise money for the Stroke Association.

‘I recently got a job as a carer and have seen a few people with strokes.

‘The thought and science behind why people have a stroke I find quite interesting, and how it affects your speech.

‘I’ve always wanted to help people but my passion is in English so I wanted to combine the two.’

And she did not rule out a more daredevil jump when asked if she would like to do the same as Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from 24 miles above the earth at a speed of more than 830mph.

‘I would love to do that – I did it from 15,000ft so it wasn’t as good as him but maybe one day,’ she said.