Giant gun installed at Fort Nelson

Youngsters at Fratton Park. From left - Owen Reville (18), Joe Wallace (13), Albie Mullins (14), Angel Kerman (eight), Fareed Sahaq (12), and his brother Assad (16), and Jaydon Ridout (15).'Picture by Ian Hargreaves (180213-1)

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IT WEIGHS 200 tonnes and is the biggest gun in Britain and now it’s in Fareham.

The mighty British 18in railway howitzer arrived today at the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson and will be on display till 2018.

The howitzer arrives at Fort Nelson

The howitzer arrives at Fort Nelson

The gun started a journey from Holland on Wednesday night and took the best part of three hours to assemble once it had arrived at the fort.

Nicholas Hall, keeper of artillery at the fort, said: ‘Today has been the most exciting day of my career.

‘We have the 18in railway gun here and its the only left from the First World War.

‘Although it wasn’t delivered in time for the war, it is still impressive and I am ecstatic that we can have it at Fort Nelson for the anniversary celebrations next year.