Girls made to feel ‘sew’ special after Emsworth charity day

(l-r) Christina Novis and her mother Cathy Farren. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (141673-2)
(l-r) Christina Novis and her mother Cathy Farren. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (141673-2)
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GIRLS around the world will be made to feel special thanks to the generosity of a group of sewers.

Around 50 dresses were made at a sew-a-thon at the Emsworth Centre in South Street, Emsworth.

Sewers from across the area gathered for the day to make dresses for impoverished girls in India, Africa and the Philippines.

The day was organised by mother and daughter, Cathy Farren and her daughter Christina Novis, who run The Sewing Bee, a hand-made clothes shop in Gordon Road, Southbourne.

The fabric used to make the dresses could not be simpler – a pillow case.

Cathy, 56, said: ‘We made 50 dresses on the day which is fantastic.

‘They are made from pillow cases – they are so simple.

‘They just little dresses for girls who don’t really have anything.

‘The day was well-received – everybody loved it.

‘A lot of the women who came asked when we could do it again.’

The sew-a-thon is part of a campaign called Dress a Girl Around the World, run by charity Hope 4 Women.

The smart dresses give girls dignity and deter predatory men from taking advantage.

More than £300 was raised to help pay for the distribution of the garments. The Eternal Maker in Chichester donated some of the fabric.