Glitter banned at children’s nursery

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A NURSERY has banned its children from using glitter

Tops Day Nursery, which has two branches in Portsmouth, made the move over the environmental damage it does.

Managing director Cheryl Hadland said: ‘You can see when the children are taking their bits of craft home and there’s glitter on the cardboard, it blows off and into the air and on to the road.

‘It’s only a tiny little bit, but we’ve got 3,000 children and they’re all doing Christmas craft at the moment, so we’ve got glitter everywhere.

‘So here we are wrecking the place for them, and I didn’t even know.

‘I’ve been running the nurseries for 27 years and I had no idea that we were doing all that damage. You can’t really recycle it because it’s so small, you can’t separate it from anything.’