Gold for Sammy for petanque in France

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A 22-year-old has won a gold medal at an international petanque championships in France.

Sammy Thatcher, along with her sister Kaylee, is part of the England Espoirs team, which represented the country at this year’s Confederation of European Petanque Precision Shooting Championship.

Sammy said: ‘Winning the gold for England means so much to me.

‘I’m very proud of myself for dealing with all of the pressure.’

Sammy and Kaylee play for Portsmouth Petanque Club, Beacon View.

The Petanque Precision Shooting competition hosts five different events in which each competitor throws four Boules from different distances at a target.

Kaylee said: ‘My sister has not only made me proud but our country.’

President of the Southern Counties Petanque Association Glenn Floyd said: ‘This has to be one of the proudest moments for me in my role as president.’