Golden wedding: Mike and Sue Milburn

Mike and Sue celebrated their golden wedding at Southwick Golf Club
Mike and Sue celebrated their golden wedding at Southwick Golf Club
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Mike and Sue Milburn got together more than 50 years ago after their eyes met across the room at Wesley Central Hall in Portsmouth.

The couple lived down the same road when they were children – Ivy Street in Somerstown – and were pupils at St Luke’s School.

But it was as they were singing Jerusalem in a choir that Mike, 69, and Sue, 68, caught each other’s eyes and never looked back.

Fast forward to 2016, and the childhood sweethearts have just celebrated their golden wedding.

The couple, who live in Drayton, married in 1966 at All Saints Church in Portsmouth and went on to have two children, Sandra, 49 and Nick, 47. They also have four grandchildren.

Sue says: ‘The wedding day was lovely. We had a three-course meal and went to St Margaret’s Church Hall in Eastney in the evening.’

Not only do this golden couple live together, they also work together – and have done for 16 years.

Sue says: ‘We worked as wardens for the Caravan Club for 15 years.

‘Now we work for Southampton Port Security.’

‘I think that’s our secret to being happy, we’re never out of each other’s sight!’

Another thing the couple share is their love of travelling. From short breaks, to long holidays and world cruises, Mike and Sue say they have globetrotted all of their married life.

‘Our best memory is of the world cruise we did in 2013,’ says Sue.

‘We were on board for 106 days and got to see absolutely everything. We’ve been very lucky.’

There’s one more thing that Mike and Sue share, and that is a retirement hobby. The couple love classic cars and have three of their own.

Mike says: ‘We buy, restore and show the cars. We’ve sold some too and we go to all the shows.’

The pair are members of a number of different clubs, including the Hayling Legends and the Solent Renegades.

The day of Mike and Sue’s anniversary wouldn’t have been complete without a ride in a classic car, which was part of a big surprise organised by their children and grandchildren.

Sue says: ‘A week before our anniversary we received an invitation which read: “Be ready at quarter-to-two on Saturday and you will be collected. Please wear something smart, there’s a photographer”.

‘On the day, we were picked up in a 1963 Humber Sceptre and taken to Southwick Golf Club.’

The couple were greeted by more than 50 family members and friends, some of whom they hadn’t seen for years.

‘It was magnificent. We didn’t expect such a surprise,’ says Sue.

‘Mike is my best friend. I can tell him anything.’

The couple say that in a marriage you should always say what you feel, even if it causes an argument – but if you do argue, always make it up before you go to sleep.

‘Sue does everything for me,’ says Mike.

‘Our marriage is never boring. She’s got the X factor.’