Good Friday '“ a chance to start again with God

I WONDER what you think about Good Friday? Just another Bank Holiday? A chance to do some DIY or go shopping?

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 6:10 am
GOOD NEWS The Rev Paul Armstead

You may not quite realise what we’re celebrating on Good Friday – or why we call it ‘good’ when we are remembering Jesus dying on a cross.

It wasn’t good, of course, that Jesus suffered in the way he did.

Crucifixion was a brutal way the Romans used to kill troublemakers, and the very public nature of the execution was designed to put others off from rebelling against their authority.

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Christians believe it was good because it was the day that Jesus – unbelievably – chose to suffer instead of us.

He chose to take the blame for all the things that you and I do wrong.

That’s good because we have the chance to be forgiven and to start again with God.

People quite often assume that you have to be ‘good’ yourself to go to church.

In fact the reverse is true – those who go to church are actually those who know they have done things wrong, and need to be forgiven.

Churches in Milton, Eastney and Southsea (CHIMES) are helping people to remember what Good Friday is all about with a public Walk of Witness.

Worshippers from churches of all denominations will come together at 10am at South Parade Pier and walk together, remembering what Jesus has done for them.

It will be a powerful sign of our unity as local Christians.

We’ll finish the walk in Palmerston Road shopping precinct, joining with the Salvation Army Corp and Band for the hymn And Can It Be.

This well-loved hymn by Charles Wesley describes exactly how Jesus chose to suffer in place of those who really deserve it – me and you.

If you see us walking along the seafront, or in Palmerston Road, I hope it will remind you that Jesus died for all of us – not just for us Christians.

I hope you might spend a moment pondering whether you have done things you’re not proud of, and whether you might need to wipe the slate clean – perhaps in one of our churches over Easter.

If so, we’d be glad to see you.

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