GosFest refunds will only be given ‘if festival moves from town’

POPULAR Crowds enjoying GosFest last year
POPULAR Crowds enjoying GosFest last year
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PEOPLE who have bought tickets to GosFest have been told they will only get a refund if it ends up being held outside the town.

Eventures International Ltd, which is behind the event, is still planning to hold the four-day festival in Gosport and has said it won’t refund tickets if a site in the town is secured.

But consumer rules mean would-be festival-goers can get a refund if the new site is not in Gosport.

Director of Eventures Chloe Palmer said ticket holders would have the chance to exchange, upgrade or get a full refund.

She said: ‘We’ve already sold more than 3,000 tickets and have only received a handful of complaints of ticket-holders wanting refunds.

‘At the moment, we are trying to find a new location in Gosport.

‘We do offer a strict no refund on purchased tickets and if the festival is in Gosport, which we are planning, there will be no refunds on tickets already bought.

‘Ninety per cent of people who have purchased tickets did so before we had announced a venue.

‘So people who say they want a refund because no venue has been announced will not be able to give this as a valid reason.

‘We will look at all refund claims individually.’

Ms Palmer added it was normal for festivals to have a strictly no refunds policy on tickets.

It comes as a venue for the festival is yet to be announced with the event just 95 days away.

Eventures had provisionally booked Stokes Bay but Gosport Borough Council cancelled the land reservation earlier this month.

The council is yet to reveal its reasons behind the change but stopped Eventures from booking any council-owned land.

Since then the firm has been trying to secure private land for the event.

According to guidelines on Unfair Terms in Consumer Entertainment Contracts, the law says consumers should be entitled to a full refund if the event is cancelled, rescheduled or if there is a significant change to the event. Moving the venue would meet this criteria.

The News consumer expert Richard Thomson said: ‘Ticketholders of Gosfest will have a right not to be treated unfairly and if the entertainment is misrepresented, cancelled, or does not go ahead for any reason, they can sue the promoters for breach of contract.’