Gosport charity’s plea for owners to get pets neutered

PLEA Charity wants cats neutered
PLEA Charity wants cats neutered
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CAT lovers in Gosport are pleading with pet owners to get their furry friends neutered.

Gosport Cats Protection has taken two eight-week old kittens and a pregnant cat into care this week.

Staff there say unneutered pets are adding to the ever-growing list of stray and unwanted cats.

They have also had reports of several lost cats in the area, which have not been neutered and may have wandered off in search of a mate.

Kate Stapleford, from the charity, said: ‘Neutering offers many solid benefits to cats and owners alike.

‘A neutered cat is less likely to spray, less likely to roam and also less likely to fight.

‘Neutering also helps guard against disease as fighting cats are more at risk of life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted through biting and saliva.’

Last year, 16 kittens were born to pregnant cats taken in by Gosport Cats Protection.

One unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 kittens a year, which can equate to 20,000 descendants over five years. The charity offers financial help towards the cost of neutering.

Vouchers of £20 for male cats and £26 for female cats are available to people living in PO12, PO13 and PO14 areas who are on low income benefits.

For more information call (023) 9258 2601 or visit gosport.cats.org.uk.