Gosport family upset after forced to live in hostel

Dione Woodward with her son Coby-Jay Woodward. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142923-2)
Dione Woodward with her son Coby-Jay Woodward. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142923-2)
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MUM-of-two Dione Woodward was left angry and upset when the council put her and her young children into a hostel.

The 20-year-old was forced to move into Agnew House, in Gosport, when the flat she was living in became unsuitable.

But Dione has said the hostel is not the right place for her and her two-year-old daughter Sienna and five-month-old son Coby-Jay.

‘We have been living in the hostel for nearly four weeks now and it’s not the right place for us,’ she said.

‘I have already had to call the police about an incident and I don’t feel safe. I spend most of the time out the hostel because I don’t want to stay in there.

‘It isn’t fair on my two children to be traipsed around Gosport because I don’t feel safe staying inside the hostel.’

Dione, from Gosport, was living in Suncourt Villas, off Brockhurst Road, but there was a series of problems with the flat.

She said the cooker didn’t work, the walls were peeling and the bathroom floor fell through leaving the family without a functioning bathroom so she had to be moved out.

The council couldn’t find her immediate accommodation and put her in the hostel.

She added: ‘They don’t know when they will find me a suitable place to live.

‘They had a place lined up last week but there was an issue and I couldn’t move in. I don’t know when it will be sorted.

‘I have Perthes disease where the top of my thigh bone softens and crumbles and I need a hip replacement operation to put it right. But until that happens I need a ground-floor property.

‘The room in the hostel I am staying in isn’t on the ground floor and it’s dangerous for me to carrying my children up flights of stairs with my disease.’

She added that rent is still being demanded by the landlord of the flat.

‘He is saying I owe rent and that the council told him its my problem and I need to sort it,’ she said.

‘I have had to borrow £800 for rent for a house I’m not living in.’

Gosport Borough Council did not supply a comment.