Gosport jet pack owner wages war with TV pawnbroker

Mick Tattersall with his jet pack. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (143312-4)
Mick Tattersall with his jet pack. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (143312-4)
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ANGRY Mick Tattersall has been left fuming after receiving no cash for his jet pack despite being offered thousands on a TV pawn show.

The HGV driver was delighted when he appeared on Channel 4’s Posh Pawn and pawnbroker James Constantinou revealed a buyer would pay £25,000 for his item.

jet pack James Constantinou rep bf''Pictured: James Constantinou with Gosport man Mick Tattersall's jet pack on Channel 4's Posh Pawn.

jet pack James Constantinou rep bf''Pictured: James Constantinou with Gosport man Mick Tattersall's jet pack on Channel 4's Posh Pawn.

But just days after the show was aired Mick, 53, was told the buyer had pulled out.

Mick, of Military Road, Gosport, had already appeared on TV saying he would take his grandchildren on holiday and his girlfriend to the Maldives with the cash.

He said: ‘He told me he was going to send me the money.

‘I’m not going to get it – I know that without a shadow of a doubt.

‘I don’t want people feeling sorry for me – all I want is people knowing what’s happened.

‘Two-and-a-half million people think I’ve got £25,000.’

Mick, who bought the jet pack in America for a five-figure sum, said he wanted to pull out of the show after the bulk of it was filmed on location in Gosport and at a test flight at Wyboston Lake in Bedfordshire in September.

He said he then got a call from Mr Constantinou who said he had received an offer for the jet pack.

As a result, Mick agreed to film another segment for the show with him being told about the money.

It was only after the show broadcast on Channel 4 that the pawnbroker then text Mick saying: ‘Work is manic but will keep you informed if we get any interested parties wanting to take it.

‘Hundreds of e-mails coming in about it so hopefully we can do something.’

On the show Mr Constantinou said the jet pack, which can lift a person 35ft out of water at around 30mph, was a difficult item to value.

Mick said he doubts whether the initial offer existed and said the show earned Mr Constantinou’s shop plenty of publicity.

When asked if the offer did exist, Mr Constantinou told The News: ‘We had a lot of interest in it. In this business, people can change their minds, that’s what happened in this case with the buyer.’

The show, in its third series after debuting as a documentary in 2013, follows Mr Constantinou’s Prestige Prawnbrokers in Hatton Garden, London, as staff sell high-value

In a statement a spokeswoman from production company Boomerang said: ‘While the episode was in production, James did indeed have an interested buyer but at no stage did the production team make any assurances about a sale being guaranteed.

‘Unfortunately, after filming, the buyer subsequently chose to withdraw his offer – something that can often happen in pawnbroking – but we are confident that the episode is a fair and accurate representation of events at the time of filming.’