Gosport man given parking fine despite faulty ticket machine

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A MAN who received a parking ticket after trying to use what he says is a faulty machine is now warning others not to get caught out.

Andrew Harding, 42, of Birchmore Close in Bridgemary, Gosport, had attempted to use the meter in the car park behind Iceland in South Street, Gosport.

Andrew Harding next to the machine that rejected his money.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13538-9561)

Andrew Harding next to the machine that rejected his money.''Picture: Sarah Standing (13538-9561)

He had parked his car and went to pay the £1 fee in the car park, which is operated by Town and City Parking, now known as Smart Parking.

When the machine did not register the coins he used, he went into the Iceland store to get different coins.

But when he came back a warden had given him a ticket.

‘It costs £1, I put mine in – I had four pound coins in my pocket and none of them registered,’ he said.

‘I walked into Iceland to change them over and came back and there was a ticket on my car.

‘The traffic warden told me he knew there was a problem with it but still put a ticket on my car.’

The ticket said it was given because there was no valid ticket on display.

It explained that Mr Harding must pay £70, which would be reduced to £40 if it was paid within 14 days.

But instead of paying, he put in an appeal to the firm but had not heard back.

It was only when contacted by the The News a spokeswoman from Town and City said the PCN, which was issued on Saturday, January 19, had been revoked.

She said: ‘I can confirm the PCN has been cancelled.’

Mr Harding is now concerned that others will be given a fine if the machine does not work properly.

‘It’s good that they’ve done that but I think the meter should have had an out-of-order sign on it because it’s not fully working,’ he said.

‘I don’t know how many people have been caught out by it, there could be quite a few around that area.

‘It was strange that I went off for five minutes and there was a ticket there.’

Mr Harding added that he has since seen people try to use the ticket machine and it was not working.

‘While I was there on Friday there was a guy putting money in and it was falling all the way through, luckily he had more money to put in.

‘It’s not working – they still haven’t fixed it.’

The machine is operated by Town and City Parking but its tickets can be refunded by in the Iceland supermarket when spending more than £5 at the store.