Gosport man’s £1,000 payout after claim he was burnt by 99p store body wash

Raymond Cuss from Gosport who suffered burns to his skin after using a bodywash '' 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (123825-6)
Raymond Cuss from Gosport who suffered burns to his skin after using a bodywash '' 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (123825-6)
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A MAN has been given £1,000 at the end of a wait of more than a year after he claimed a body wash burnt his skin.

Raymond Cuss, 42, of Goodwood Close in Elson, Gosport, says he bought shower gel from the 99p Store in Gosport’s High Street back in August 2011.

He says he took it home and used it while showering – but afterwards noticed he had burns to skin in his crotch area.

After approaching the store, which has not admitted liability for the incident, a lengthy legal battle ensued, with Mr Cuss instructing a legal firm, Wixted & Co Solicitors. The solicitors ordered a medical examination in February last year, which found his skin had completely healed.

Mr Cuss said he is pleased that he has now received the cash but wants an apology.

He said: ‘I went home and had a shower, and when I got out of the shower I was burnt all down below.

‘I went to the Gosport War Memorial Hospital and they said there were burns.

‘All I had to do was buy different creams and things and keep applying them.

‘I didn’t know I was being burnt until I looked down.’

The £1,000 cheque came from NIG Claims.

A letter from Mr Cuss’s solicitor, Ian Barnett, explains Kans & Kandy Wholesale Limited are the suppliers to 99p Stores Ltd.

Mr Barnett wrote: ‘They have come to an agreement with 99p Stores that they will indemnify them for any damages that you may be awarded.’

The settlement offer was made before the claim went to a court hearing.

According to Mr Barnett, the 99p Store suggested Mr Cuss’s job as a carpet cleaner meant ‘the chemicals used during the course of your regular employment may have caused the reaction you suffered when they came into contact with the shower gel.

‘By this they mean that ... (normally) the shower gel would not have affected you.’

Initially Mr Cuss’s solicitors contacted the makers of Dettol, Reckitt Benckiser, which examined the bottle and redirected them to the supplier.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: ‘A review of the product packaging identified it as most likely a product originally made for the Korean market and imported as a grey market product.’