Gosport parents praise son who called 999 when his dad hurt himself

Callum Lake with his dad Jamie
Callum Lake with his dad Jamie
  • Parents Jennifer and Jamie praise their brave son Callum after he called 999 when his dad hurt himself
  • He spoke to the emergency services telling them what happened and where he lived
  • He has been called a ‘little hero’ and praised by paramedics
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The eight-year-old called 999 after his dad Jamie cut into his thumb with a saw while mum Jennifer was out.

He’s our little hero and he was so brave.

Jamie Lake

Unfazed by the blood, Callum helped his dad and got on the phone to the paramedics.

He even got their pet dog on to his lead and put him in one of the bedrooms so he would not escape through the front door when the emergency services arrived.

Jamie, 31, said: ‘We are really proud of him and the way he acted. He’s our little hero and he was so brave.’

He added: ‘There was quite a lot of blood and I started going into shock while trying to treat it so I wasn’t able to call the ambulance myself.’

Paramedics were called to the address, on Cheriton Road, in Gosport, last Friday and Jamie was taken to hospital. He fractured his thumb and had to have stitches.

Talking about what happened, Callum said: ‘I just heard my dad shouting my name from downstairs.

‘I went down and he told me to call me mum. I tried but she didn’t answer. I then phoned 999. I was surprised by it all but the lady on the phone was helping me and making sure he was okay.’

While on the phone, Callum spotted a neighbour and went outside to get their help.

They took over on the phone but Callum did not leave his dad’s side and has been helping him around the house while his thumb heals.

Mum Jennifer said: ‘I was so proud of him. In the past, we have told him what to do if his dad hurts himself while working and we made sure he knew our address.

‘He was so brave and he managed to work the iPhone and take care of Jamie.’

Paramedics at South Central Ambulance Service, who attended have also praised Callum.

Dick Tyne said: ‘The young caller did a fabulous job of calling 999 when his dad was taken ill last week.

‘He was able to stay calm on the line with our call-taker so that we could ensure we got all the right information to arrange help for him. This meant that when we arrived we could start to treat the patient for his injuries.’

Mr Tyne added: ‘It is really important that in emergency situations everyone knows how to call 999 and administer that vital first aid before we arrive on scene.

‘Callum showed how brave he was and knew exactly what to do to take that immediate action to help his dad. Well done.’