Gosport pensioner, 72, whose skull was crushed by four-tonne motorhome hailed as 'miracle man' after returning to health

A PENSIONER from Gosport whose four tonne motorhome suddenly collapsed onto his head causing devastating injuries has been hailed as ‘a miracle man’ by his wife.

Keith Tyler, 72, was fixing wheels beneath the vehicle on October 30 last year when it fell off the jack before crushing his head.

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The shocking incident at Fort Rowner in Gosport happened right in front of Keith’s horrified wife Tina, 70.

Pictured: Keith and Tina Tyler at their home in Gosport on Thursday 23rd June 2022 Picture: Habibur Rahman

The nightmare scenario resulted in Keith suffering catastrophic injuries including fractures to his skull and jaw, a blood clot, lungs filled with blood and a ripped ear.

Tina was warned by a doctor: ‘He’s not going to make it.’

But, against all the odds, Keith was released from hospital in February and is now on the road to recovery.

Keith said: ‘I feel pretty good truth be told considering I had a four-tonne motorhome on my head. I know nothing more after it happened.’

Pictured: Keith and Tina Tyler at their home in Gosport on Thursday 23rd June 2022 Picture: Habibur Rahman

Tina, speaking of the terrifying incident, said: ‘I saw it drop on him. I didn’t know what to do. I turned away and shouted over the fort wall for help and phoned 999 before a security guard came over.

‘Keith was in a pool of blood. Somehow he got out from under the van and pushed himself out, probably with the adrenalin. His nose was bleeding and he was sort of conscious.

‘He stood up and stepped forward and then collapsed by the side of the car. There was blood everywhere. It was very traumatic.’

Emergency crews arrived on scene before Keith was rushed to Southampton General Hospital.

Among those present was PC Josh Cottrell, who became Tina’s ‘rock’ in the midst of the crisis. He took her to hospital and waited with her throughout the day for news.

‘When the doctor came to tell me the dreadful news that Keith was not going to make it, Josh held me. He went above and beyond with his support in such a difficult time,’ Tina said.

Josh kept in touch with Tina in the months after but after his phone broke they lost touch - with him unaware of Keith’s improvement.

Keith had been in the neurological unit at Southampton until he was transferred to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham in December. Despite his improvement his heart stopped and had to be restarted at one point and he also became ill with pneumonia.

But on New Year’s Day he was hoisted into a shower and then two days later he was walking. ‘It was brilliant,’ Tina said.

Keith was sent home on February 1 with him resembling a ‘frail old man’ after losing much of his muscle.

And in Easter, when the couple drove to Yorkshire to see their daughter, Keith collapsed again due to his adrenal gland ‘not working well’. But after being prescribed steroids his situation rapidly improved.

Tina said: ‘The doctors said it will be a year or two before he reaches optimal health, though he won’t be as he was before.’

And the couple were presently surprised when Josh popped over to their house for an ‘emotional reunion’ earlier this week.

In a tribute on social media, Josh said: ‘Every officer in the area rushed to the incident where we were met with extensive teams of paramedics including the air ambulance which had landed a short distance away.

‘Keith was rushed to hospital by road so there was more room to keep working on him. To keep the details brief, it was not looking good at all.

‘I consoled his wife Tina, and drove her straight to the hospital after Keith had left in the ambulance. I waited with her in the family room when we were told by the senior nurse in Accident and Emergency that Keith may not survive his injuries.

‘This included extensive breaks and fractures to many bones in his face, jaw and skull, contusions to his lungs and a possible infection on the brain. Tina’s whole world was literally falling apart in-front of me. I stayed in contact with Tina over the coming months to get regular updates.’

Speaking of the happy reunion, he added: ‘I was reunited with the couple at their home and I was able to speak to Keith about what had happened that day, and the challenges he has faced since.

‘I am beyond pleased to say that Keith is a walking, talking, real-life miracle. Keith’s injuries were described by a nurse at Southampton General Hospital as the worst head injuries she has ever seen anyone survive.

‘Keith even walked his daughter down the aisle a few weeks ago in Greece. Much to Tina’s dismay, Keith even took on the water slides.

‘Keith and Tina wanted me to express their gratitude for the paramedics and medical staff on this day, as without their expertise and quick decision making, Keith would not be here today.’

Tina said she had recommended Josh receives an award from Hampshire police ‘He was my total rock when I needed someone,’ she said.

Tina was also full of praise for paramedics and doctors who saved Keith. ‘I am so grateful for their quick actions which saved Keith’s life,’ she said.

‘I’m also grateful for all the support I’ve had from friends and former colleagues who have given me such comfort.’

Keith continues to defy logic and despite struggling with his eyes currently is holding up well. He said: ‘I’m very grateful for what everyone did .’

Speaking of Keith’s incredible recovery, Tina added: ‘He’s amazing, he’s a miracle man.’