Gosport student’s anger as partner denied travel visa to Spain

Sabrina Marshall
Sabrina Marshall
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A WOMAN has spoken of her disgust after her Nigerian boyfriend was denied a visa to travel to Spain.

Sabrina Marshall says she was told by the Spanish consulate her partner ‘might not return to the UK’ and that was why they denied his visa.

I couldn’t believe that was their answer, I was disgusted.

Sabrina Marshall

The 21-year-old, from Gosport, had planned the getaway to Gran Canaria with her boyfriend. But because his passport is a Nigerian one, he had to apply for a visa to visit the country.

After filling out the forms and being told they should get the all-clear, two days before they were due to travel they said they were ‘devastated’ to be told the visa had been declined.

Sabrina, a university student, said: ‘My partner has lived in the UK for the past 22 years and we had planned this holiday for my 21st birthday.

‘We knew he would have to apply for the visa and we were told it should be fine and he would be accepted.

‘We gave them all the necessary information like hotel details, flights, itinerary and things like that.

‘When we were told two days before the holiday he had been denied, we were devastated.

‘I immediately called them and asked them why and they said “we do not believe he will return to the UK”.

‘I couldn’t believe that was their answer, I was disgusted. This is stereotyping him because of his nationality.

‘It made me ashamed to be British and part of this so-called “superior race”.

‘I was really angry and upset because I had to spend my 21st birthday on holiday alone. We had already lost money on him not being able to go and he didn’t want me to miss out.’

The day after being told the visa had been declined, Sabrina visited the Spanish consulate in London but said she was not able to speak to anyone.

Since then, she has tried calling and emailing them but has not received a detailed response. In an official letter as to why the visa had been refused, it said: ‘The information presented for the justification of the terms and conditions of the application is not reliable.’

Sabrina added: ‘We are still confused as to how this happened and why they felt their decision was righteous.

‘For me, I want my boyfriend to receive an apology for their error and prejudice. I want him to receive his money back, or some sort of compensation. It’s unfair that this had to happen, only because he is Nigerian.’

Sabrina has now started a petition to raise awareness of what happened to her.

To sign it visit ipetitions.com/petition/support-us-against-prejudice-and-racism.

The News contacted the Spanish consulate, but did not get a response.