Gosport youngster snapped up by camera firm to photograph the Northern Lights

Oliver Andreas Jones. Picture: Oliver Andreas Jones/andreasjonesphotography.com
Oliver Andreas Jones. Picture: Oliver Andreas Jones/andreasjonesphotography.com
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A seven-year-old boy from Gosport is so talented at photography he has been made a camera firm’s youngest ever ambassador and has travelled to Iceland to capture the Northern Lights.

Inspired by his dad, Oliver Andreas Jones, who prefers to take landscape images, started snapping when he was just three years old.

His dad, Mark Jones, was contacted by Ricoh Imaging UK (Pentax) after they saw his stunning images from across the UK.

The company, which produces Pentax cameras, asked Oliver to become their ambassador - their youngest ever.

He has been taking photos in Lapland and Iceland and has been sent new equipment - including Pentax’s flagship camera, the Ricoh K50 - to help with his photography.

Professional photographer Mr Jones, 43, from Gosport, said: ‘I was gobsmacked when they asked Oliver to be their ambassador.

‘Oliver is really good at his landscapes, which is primarily what I do, and we got an email from Ricoh saying they thought his images were really interesting.’

Oliver said he wanted to be a photographer or in the police when he was older.

The youngster said: ‘I like taking photos because I get to see lots of different places - my favourite was Iceland because it was nice there.

‘We saw the colour purple [during the Northern Lights] which I really liked.

‘It was mainly when I saw my dad taking photos that made me want to take them too.’

Wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, Oliver was just three when he asked for his own camera.

He was given a VTech drop-proof camera which he used for the next two years before asking to join his dad on one of his regular landscape photo trips.

Mr Jones said: ‘He was copying me and taking pictures and when he was five he asked to come to a landscape shoot with me.

‘We took some photos - he did his all on his own with his mum’s point and shoot camera - and when we got home, I was amazed at his composition.’

Seeing his son’s talent, Mr Jones brought Oliver a second-hand single lens digital SLR which he used up until becoming a Ricoh Imaging ambassador.

The proud father, who owns Andreas Jones Photography, takes his son to various location shoots and the pair have even met survivalist Ray Mears during a photo trip to the Lake District.

Mr Jones said: ‘We have been all over taking photos, we have to send Pentax four photos a month which we more than fulfil.

‘We’ve been to the Lake District, Devon, Cornwell and recently went to Lapland where Oliver met the real Father Christmas and Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

‘He loved going to see the Northern Lights.

‘When we did that in Iceland, it was cold. Even I was cold.

‘He was complaining about the cold while we were waiting and as soon as the lights came out he said he wasn’t cold and wanted to stay out to take pictures.’

Oliver often travels with his dad and mum, Michelle Jones, 35, and always takes his camera with him.

Mr Jones added: ‘We go away for the weekend as a family and Oliver and I will shoot something while we’re there.

‘We try to combine it as a mini-break.

‘Oliver likes to do his own thing, he doesn’t like much input from me.

‘He is only seven so when we go somewhere he still needs to be a seven-year-old boy.

‘If there is a beach and there are some rocks that need exploring then he will take a few pictures, go and explore and then take a few more photos.’

Oliver, who is in Year 3 at Peel Common Junior School in Gosport, held a presentation in front of his classmates after returning from his trip to Lapland.

Mr Jones said: ‘He was really good.

‘He was a bit clingy at the start but he got into it and was showing his photos and answering questions from the other pupils.

‘I am really proud of him.’