GPS gadget keeps Alex safe and sound

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THE family of a young man who went missing have ensured they will never have to go through the ordeal again.

Alex Batchelor, 25, who has Down’s Syndrome, now wears a lanyard with a ‘buddy’ device fitted.

The gadget includes Global Positioning System technology – allowing his parents to pinpoint his exact location at any time of the day.

As reported, Alex, from Stubbington, went missing last week and was eventually found in Eastbourne several hours later following a mass search.

His dad Jeff Batchelor, 47, said: ‘We can find him instantly. We can just look on the phone and see where he is.

‘It’s peace of mind knowing that he’s okay.

‘If he ever did go wandering, which I don’t think he would, we would be able to find him with minutes.’

The family have also personally thanked the two young women from Eastbourne who found Alex after spotting the appeal on Facebook.

Mr Batchelor said: ‘We have sent them some flowers from Alex.

‘It was lovely to be able to speak to them both.’

He added: ‘We are still not 100 per cent sure how he made it that far.’