Harry the wild child? I don’t think so...

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HE’S known as the Windsor wild child but Prince Harry couldn’t have been more charming during yesterday’s visit.

Despite the driving rain, the Prince smiled throughout his first ever medals presentation, sharing a light-hearted joke or two with every sailor he met.

It was, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience for those 90 brave men and women who hunted sea mines out in Iraqi waters last year.

After the medals and a look around HMS Cattistock, the Prince decanted to Naval Base gymnasium hall where he cheerfully shook the hand and bantered with dozens of the sailors and their family members – even mocking one Petty Officer for his ‘scruffy beard’ to belly laughs from his relatives.

With round one of his charm offensive over, the Prince changed out of his smart Army uniform in to a suit and head for the Mary Rose museum nearby.

He showed a keen interest in the Tudor artefacts and was fascinated to hear about his father on the dives of the wreckage all those years ago.

He appeared most at ease talking to school children.

‘He was really cool,’ said 11-year-old Amberley Matthews from St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School.

And he was cool – even back out in the awful weather, his smile was fixed as he spoke with as many people as time would allow. He stood politely without an umbrella on stage as speeches were made and then laid the first stone of the new museum with a look of pride on his face.

A Windsor wild child no more it seems.