Havant badmiton players look to break the speed limit with new piece of kit

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YOUNGSTERS at a junior badminton club at the Horizon Leisure Centre, in Havant, are enjoying a new piece of kit acquired by its chairman - a speed radar gun.

The kit, worth £500, enables players to gauge the speed of their shots, but they must be hit within a 10-degree angle of the machine, which stands on a camera tripod. 

It comes after John Broomhead, the chairman and coach of the club, had the idea of a hanging shuttlecock, which hangs over a beam at the leisure centre so players can improve their game without having the collect shuttles all the time. 

The club, which is for children aged between six and 16-years old, runs two sessions of one hour each, between 4.00pm and 6.00 pm on Mondays during school term time.